Accounting is the most vital aspect of any business because it ensures that financial decisions made are perfect. Hiring a trusted and reliable firm will provide you with real-time financial information so you can capitalise on opportunities and grow your business faster.

Company Formation

The formation of a company can be surprisingly complex, both at home and overseas. With no two markets the same, procedures, timelines, languages, costs and requirements can differ wildly – not only from country to country but also in different states and provinces.

We can help you set up a company in the UK, Canada, and the UAE free of any administration hassle.

Our Services:

  • Advice on the pros and cons of incorporation in your own situation
  • Appointment of directors
  • Appointment of company secretary
  • Issue of subscriber shares
  • Registered office services
  • Provision of all necessary minutes and resolutions templates
  • Assistance in opening a business bank account


Bookkeeping is important for helping you maintain accurate financial records. Yet still, many businesses fail to implement this integral process. Besides the fact you are required under law to maintain accurate books and records, doing so will save you frustration later on.

In fact, “poor accounting” is one of the top reasons businesses fail. Without bookkeeping or accounting, you are blindly driving your business without having reliable financial performance information to assist management in making informed business decisions (see further detail below)

Still not convinced that your focus needs to be on bookkeeping? Below are some of reasons why bookkeeping is important.
  • Helps you budget
  • Enables tax adjusted computations
  • Organisation
  • Analysis
  • Peace of mind
  • Track profit and losses
  • Provide snapshots for your business performance at any given point
  • Smoother Audit Process
  • Required by law.

Our Services:

  • Maintain accurate and up to date accounting books and records; (includes excel, and major cloud accounting softwares including Freeagent, Xero and Quickbooks online)
  • Support in usage of latest technology to help submission of receipts and supplier bills;
  • Brief you about your performance and highlight your progress; and
  • Provide you with financial information that supports your dealings with third parties, such as banks and other stakeholders;

Statutory Accounts Preparation and Submission

Annual accounts are the statutory accounts – should be prepared from the company’s financial records at the end of the financial year. The interested parties are:

Annual accounts are the statutory accounts – should be prepared from the company’s financial records at the end of the financial year. The interested parties are:

  • All shareholders
  • People who can go to the company’s general meetings
  • Companies House
  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as part of your Company Tax Return
  • Other stakeholders

You have different deadlines for sending your accounts to Companies House and your corporation tax return to HMRC, but you may be able send them at the same time.

If your company is small, a micro entity or dormant, you might be able to send simpler (‘abridged’) accounts.

Statutory Accounts prepared for Limited Companies in the UK must be fully compliant with the relevant financial reporting standards and our work ensures full compliance with these standards.

Our Services:

  • Preparation of income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows and statement of retained earnings from the accounting journal and ledger accounts
  • Assisting in preparation of year end closing journal entries and adjusting journal entries

CFO & Controllership Services

Today business owners can outsource all or portions of their accounting and finance functions, allowing them to concentrate more fully on their core competence of running and growing a successful business.

Whether you need temporary assistance during a transitional period or you seek a permanent solution, we can provide experienced resources that allow you to focus more on your core business functions. Our cost-effective offerings accommodate a range of budgets and needs.

We can help you make sense of the financial piece of planning so you can achieve your dreams.

Our Services:

  • Review of Monthly Financial Statements
  • Supervise your in house accountants
  • Identifying the significant deficiencies in your internal control structure
  • Gross Profit Analysis:
  • Building up of performance expectations of your business
  • Measure your actual profitability
  • Performance monitoring including use of key performance indicators
  • Training and Supervision of Financial Staff
  • Preparing financial and operational policies and procedures
  • Enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of your staff work
  • Improving the potential of your team members
  • Forecasting future results
  • Building up and monitoring your financial budgets