Assurance adds credibility to the financial statements as it verifies that transactions are recorded and accounted for accurately and in line with the applicable financial reporting standards. This improves the quality of the company’s financial performance information that users will rely on to make their decisions.

Our assurance services provide a guarantee to stakeholders that there is no misrepresentation done in the financial records and that there is no fraud or dishonest activities that are being done within the scope of the operations of the company.

Internal Audit Services

Our Services:

  • Conduct risk remediation engagements to design controls and procedures that would address key business risks and improve the control environment at the Company.
  • Assessment of internal controls over financial reporting through obtaining an understanding of major business processes, evaluating the design effectiveness of significant internal controls, testing manual and automated controls to assess operating effectiveness and issuing audit opinions around the internal control environment.

Review Services

Our Services:

  • Lower level of assurance than an audit;
  • Perform careful analysis of material aspects of your financial statements;
  • Reduce risk and provide assurance to creditors, suppliers, and customers.