We have a strong team with a wealth of relevant experience to work closely with you to support your requirements. This will provide you with the best possible independent advice coupled with a smooth and cost efficient process. We are committed to ensuring that our services are valuable to you today and will be even more so in the future. We are confident that you will receive the highest quality advisory services at competitive rates.

Strategic Planning

Our Services:

  • Agree on long-term strategic goals both personally and for the business
  • Identify where you are now
  • Identify the blocks in the strategy
  • Develop business growth systems
  • Grow a great team of people
  • Monitor your results against those goals
  • Manage the money in your business
  • Develop an exit strategy

Business Plans

A Business Plan is a document in which a business opportunity, or a business already under way, is identified, described and analyzed, examining its technical, economic and financial feasibility. The Plan develops all of the procedures and strategies necessary in order to convert the business opportunity into an actual business project.

It provides an answer to simple questions about needed funds, weaknesses and strength of the business.

You, yours partners, potential investors, Employees, customers, suppliers, and bankers will be interested to use the information in the business plan.

Our Services:

  • Business strategy and goal setting
  • Budgets
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Marketing plan, SWOT analysis, markets, competition
  • other key elements that need presenting in the most suitable way to lenders

Management Accounts and Information

Set of summarized accounting data (balance sheet, cash flow, and income statement) prepared and presented (usually every month, fortnight, or week) specifically for a firm’s management. The objective of management accounts is to provide timely and key financial and statistical information required by managers to make day to day and short-term decisions.
If your business is growing and you need better financial information to make wise business decisions, then you need to consider Management accounts form a financial report used by business owners and management for day-to-day and strategic decision making. They are produced, usually, on a monthly or quarterly basis, and provide insight into the current financial health of a business by tracking various key performance indicators.

In short, management accounts need only include what a board or management team need to see. The report should contain enough performance analysis and financial data so that investment decisions can be made in a well-informed manner . This service will also assist in attracting investors should a company need to raise finance.

The business can decide the level of detail, the frequency, and the layout and the accounting period you wish to analyze.

Our Services:

  • Monthly or quarterly management accounts
  • Reporting of key performance indicators that are the underlying drivers that run your business
  • Help with in house systems for you to produce your own information
  • Supplying management information to lenders
  • Branch/Divisional results
  • Costing information, including break-even turnover levels

Business Valuations

Our Services:

  • Monitoring how the business is performing against goals
  • Taxation and negotiating with the tax authorities
  • Business sales and purchases
  • Business mergers
  • Divorce proceedings and matrimonial disputes
  • Raising finance
  • Company buy back of shares
  • Tax planning
  • Financial reporting requirements
  • Shareholder/partner disputes
  • Pension and exit planning

Business Setup

Our Services:

  • Advising on different legal forms that are available to a specific business;
  • Completing and submitting the appropriate registration forms to relevant bodies on your behalf;
  • Obtaining authorizations and certificates on your behalf.

Management & Financial Consulting

Our Services:

  • Propose and evaluate finance strategies to business operations;
  • Provide support during the financing negotiation process with third parties;
  • Assist in problem understanding, problem analysis and solution implementation;
  • Assist in financial planning, budgeting, analysis and cash management.
  • Proposing, developing and updating policies and procedures to ensure quality services and sound business practice.

Business Healthcheck

Our Services:

  • Producing a valuation of your business
  • Reviewing the management information systems and reports used
  • Goal setting and how you measure where you are against those goals
  • Benchmarking against other businesses in your Development of key performance indicators
  • Review of marketing strategy, USP’s, customer service levels to assist with business growth
  • Review of systems to identify cash flow needs
  • Review of systems to develop the potential of your team
  • Review of disaster recovery planning – death, loss of key personnel, fire, computer failure, etc.